Saturday, June 27, 2020

Book Review

living with less so your family has more

Jill Savage, Mark Savage

            It’s always exciting to find someone else who agrees with your ideas. So I was thrilled when I picked up Jill and Mark Savage’s living with less so your family has more. (Yes, they don’t capitalize anything in the title.) I was even more excited when I found out the authors were Christians. I read it through in a few days. It’s a simple read – which is fitting, considering the subject matter.

            The book first addresses their vision of how they want to live, then covers some attitudes that come out in examining the lifestyle of simplicity. They are upfront about how counter-cultural their ideas are, but they could have been a little more emphatic about how God wants His people to live. To me, that’s the whole reason for living a different way – because God calls us to not be like the world.

            The rest of the book contains thoughts about areas we can intentionally live more simply. I don’t agree with all their ideas, of course, nor do they insist that any reader should. For one, thing, I don’t like the idea of giving to the church online. Tithing and giving are acts of worship, to be thought about and done with intention, not automatically. But that’s just my thought.

            Most of their suggestions seem common sense – shop around for best prices, downsizing in housing, and so forth – but I’ve been living this way for many years. Some things work for certain situations – cooking meals, for instance, is wonderful for saving with a large family, and has the added benefit of the meal time spent together. But for a single person, going out is often cheaper. And using public transportation only works where you have such a thing!

            The most important take-away from the book is to carefully analyze how you live. The authors help you examine why you  make the decisions you do and to think through alternatives. It’s a good book to read to gather ideas and to start making your own determinations.

            The book is available on Amazon.

            Warning: this author has written many other books which I have not read. I can not endorse what I do not know.